Trying to organise cancer

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I like to organise and plan, no doubt to give myself the illusion of control. Husband is better at going with the flow.

One key step was the first of our now weekly meetings with the specialist. Blood tests were down a little but Husband didn’t feel any different.

For those of you who are now desperately watching ‘blood numbers’ Husband’s red cells were 9.6, with platelets at 111 in early September. He’s now in the low 9s (or 90s – some doctors will say 9.6, others 96).

Cancer can’t be planned, can’t be controlled but it can be slowed down and even beaten depending on the type. This one can’t be beaten… But it can be slowed down. If the treatments work. The doctors say that the fact that he’s relatively young (late 50s), strong and healthy (a weird phrase to use of someone with cancer) is in his favour.

We went home feeling a bit better, resolving to learn what we could and do whatever we could.

Each day I trudged with the dog, focusing on taking the next step. Sometimes life is too messy to know what to do other than take the next step.

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