Stop the world: I want to get off

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I just wish the world would slow down (preferably stop!) for a bit to let us catch up. It feels like I froze when we found out it was cancer but the world is going at breakneck speed around us. A classic case of ‘Stop the world: I want to get off’.

We run a small business so we’re juggling VAT returns, advertising, answering emails as we silently wonder how much longer we can work. The business is very personal to us – if Husband can’t be a long-term part of it then the business will have to be sold or wound up. If we are to sell it will take time to prepare. The problem is we don’t know what’s happening. And I can’t bear to think about having to break up everything we worked so hard for. I can bear the thought of losing him before the business even less…

We’ve had some tough discussions. I can’t believe how forthright and courageous he’s being. We’ve discussed wills, funerals, business. Yet he seems surprisingly ok.

I can’t believe how much this hurts. I am shocked at how brutal this is.

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