We meet the surgeon

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We have an appointment with the surgeon… That’s good news and scary all at the same time. The dog is getting used to frequent hospital trips and Mr Surgeon is at a different hospital so from the canine perspective (one of simple enjoyment and enthusiasm which I often wish I could emulate) it’s an exciting new place. He snoozes in the car in between walks and gives us a link with normality in the rather odd world of cancer.

Mr Surgeon is reassuring and clearly very capable. He’s not given to much discussion, although he answers the questions we’ve prepared. The potential for overwhelming sepsis post splenectomy is in his view “vastly over egged … I’ve only encountered it once”. He explains the intricacies of the op as “we bag it, smash it and slurp it out”. The scan shows that the spleen is twice the size it should be but he is “95% certain” that he can do it laparoscopically.

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