Day 2 with no spleen

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Day two of hospital visiting. I’ve got the hospital car park sussed and know when to arrive – it’s definitely worth being early but not too early. I spent an entire day here on day 1 so put it to good use by studying car park traffic 🙂 .

Husband still can’t eat much but he’s drinking and is clearly suffering less – thank you meds 🙂 . Today’s blood test showed a haemoglobin count of 79, which was disappointing for us but the platelets are already coming back up – 111.

Of course we’ve learned that blood tests are snapshots, that counts go up and down, depending on how hydrated we are for a start (red blood cell count can show down a bit because you’re well hydrated, it may show up a bit if you’re dehydrated). At least the platelets are encouraging.

The problem wasn’t that Husband’s body wasn’t producing platelets – the evil spleen was eating them. No spleen, more platelets. He’s still on strong pain killers and ‘had a moment’ this morning when he was very wobbly and weak. They think his blood pressure dropped but haven’t said why that might happen. Pain, medications etc probably don’t help.

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