Surgeon re splenectomy

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Mr Surgeon visited to announce that the spleen was four times normal size rather than twice the size as expected. Husband wasn’t surprised since he’d had to live with the thing causing increasing discomfort for the last few months.

Mr Surgeon explained that the procedure went really well laparascopically but that the spleen was too big to remove via the small incisions so after 40 minutes of trying they made an additional larger incision so that they could get the blighter out. ‘But it’s out’ the registrar informed us with a big smile.

The spleen will be biopsied and the results will be sent to the expert Lymphoma team for comment / advice on whether further treatment is necessary at this stage or not.

Husband has less energy today than he had yesterday but he’s able to eat light sandwiches and is enjoying hot chocolate.

All in all a good day.

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