D (discharge) day

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Junior Doc has come to prepare to discharge Husband. We discuss today’s blood test, ask why the red cell count has gone down and she looks utterly unconcerned, muttering about timing, how dilute the blood given in the transfusion was etc. She doesn’t have the exact numbers with her so I give them to her – today’s count is 79 so he’s very anaemic. The morning of the operation the red cell count was 99, a much nicer number – we know they’re only numbers but there are nice numbers and not nice numbers. (Always ask for your blood counts so that you can give them to whoever is treating you).

We ask if Husband should have a transfusion before going home since his blood count has already gone down from 99 to 79 and if goes down further at home over a weekend it would not be great. As soon as I point out the numbers she heads off to call ‘her superior’. Some time later she returns to say that yes Husband will be given 2 units of blood ‘to go home with’.

Husband calls while I’m walking the dog. He’s being discharged 🙂 . Well, he will be after the inevitable wait for someone to sign the paperwork. Still, he’s coming home.

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