Time for a blood test

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Husband is now being monitored routinely to check what the lymphoma might be doing. We hope it isn’t doing anything very much – after all, that was the point of removing the spleen.

Bloods up a smidge! 109 rather than 108 last time, platelets a terrific 253. A personal post-lymphoma diagnosis best :-).

Husband asks if it’s ok for us to plan to go to France in September – no problem. Husband explains we may not be able to plan anything because I’m being investigated for bowel cancer. ‘Marvellous’, is Dr Humour’s response – just what we need :-). As we turn to leave he tells Husband he can continue to work and plan a holiday ‘as long as certain people don’t complicate things’ with a perfectly judged smile.

‘I’m going back to Endoscopy’, I inform him. ‘They’re nice to me there’. ‘Well yes they would be but they’re sticking cameras and whatnot up you aren’t they?’ ‘Thanks for reminding me – trust me I won’t be putting status updates on Facebook’ 🙂 . And so we leave smiling as we arrived, weirdly having discussed all the necessary about actual and possible cancer. Nurses sometimes warn ‘sharp scratch’ before they take blood (has anyone ever simply felt a sharp scratch??!). We prepared ourselves for more than a sharp scratch but it didn’t hurt a bit 🙂 .

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