You’ve got a letter

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You’ve got a letter’. We’re getting good at recognising hospital letters. Consultant has referred me to super consultant. Super consultant has discussed the scans etc in the MDT (multi disciplinary meeting as we now know) and the consensus was ‘Hmmm’. I’m to be admitted for an EUA (examination under anaesthesia) and will get a letter soon.

Or even sooner. The appointment letter arrives with the initial letter. My appointment is in 2 days. Hmm. Looks like I’d better get cracking to answer work emails and get packing. What do I need? Pajamas. Dressing gown. I don’t have one but Husband bought one for his op so I can use that 🙂 . Slippers. I don’t have any. I don’t do slippers – more sheepskin boots. Husband doesn’t either – he bought some for his last op but they’re a tad big for me. Looks like I’d better get some slippers…

Why is it that emails are the most stressful thing today? Again???

It would be great to just tell people that I can’t tie myself in knots as I usually do for customers because not only 1 of us has cancer, we both may. But I can’t. So I bite my lip and do my best to email as usual.

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