So tired

posted in: Cancer and faith, ME / CFS 0

I am so desperately tired and drained, weary to my bones. My ME fatigue seems worse, more deep-rooted these days somehow. I’m running inwardly – I’m not sure from what but it’s exhausting. I’m probably running from husband’s cancer, from loss, as if if I stop running it will catch up. But I know deep down that I cannot outrun it. Lord please teach me to slow down, to trust you with this – with everything.

My day’s priorities are out of whack – too much pointless busyness, not enough prayer. What really matters is our relationship with God. It’s all that matters. So why don’t I live like that??

Husband is very tired too – of organising, of running the business. Perhaps it’s a blessing because it will make it easier for us to retire :-).

He’s also a bit nervous about the blood test this week, which isn’t like him. We’ve planned a holiday in France and he’s worried we might not be able to go.

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