Cancer and Travel Insurance

Looking for travel insurance was depressing since it meant talking about the cancer. Some companies won’t touch people with cancer even if they’re in remission, others offer cover but at terrifying prices. I even have to pay more because of my ME. They all want to know how soon we plan on dying. Well, they ask as delicately as they can whether or not we’ve been told we’re going to die soon (and weirdly, they don’t always have a clear definition of ‘soon’). No.

While booking our tickets with Eurotunnel the sales person asked if we had travel insurance. I replied politely but rather dismissively I’m afraid, that I’d sort that out separately because my husband has cancer and I doubt they cover that. “We have what we call a ‘fit for travel’ policy so pre-existing conditions are covered, including cancer, as long as if you need to make a claim your doctor can confirm that you were fit to travel.”

This seems too good to be true. I read the small print: Eurotunnel Travel Insurance, I email them to be sure. Cancer, splenectomy, ME. They’re surprisingly relaxed about this. They email to tell me that they do not ‘medically vet customers or make notes of medical conditions’. As long as we answer their questions honestly and accurately and, in the event of a claim, Husband’s doctor can confirm in writing that he was fit to travel at the time, he would be covered.

We read out the Eurotunnel insurance conditions to the haematologist, who listened gravely and carefully and said “Yes, no problem”. Yeahy! So we bought the Eurotunnel Travel Insurance with full disclosure about the cancer, with no additional premium, and we were very very grateful.

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