Chemo for Christmas

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No-one wants chemo for Christmas but we’re both conscious that it’s a blessing that treatment is available. I’m just praying (literally) that the chemo is more successful than the splenectomy. It should be. From my reading my guess is that what doctors call ‘the burden of disease’ in the bone marrow was such that removing the spleen could only bring temporary respite – it would have knocked the cancer back but not touched the cells in the bone marrow. Sadly they seem to have been busy. Still, they’ve only just met the Rituximab and hopefully they’re having a bad time of things.

I can’t remember where I came across a description of Rituximab as being like a large guard dog roaming around the body looking to fight evil cells. We love dogs so the idea of a big dog fiercely guarding Husband’s red cells and fighting off intruders is appealing.

We had a very quiet low key day with no visitors (fear of infection). I’d been worried Husband wouldn’t be able to eat Christmas lunch – he cooked it :-). And he was given a guard dog for Christmas …

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