Blood tests and Chemo Side Effects

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Off to have another blood test. Haemoglobin 115, platelets 363, white cells 6.2. Even Dr Pessimist declares ‘all looking petty good’.

Husband mentions feeling bloated / bit constipated in week one. Doc is unsurprised and explains that it’s normal during chemo (Vincristine is the most likely culprit) and that Ondandestron (anti sickness tablets) can also slow down the bowel. Apparently Maxolon (Metoclopramide) is less effective as an anti sickness medication but would help to get things moving. Husband opts to stay with the better anti sick meds :-), especially since Doc is happy for him to take lactulose or Senna to help.

As for the tingling in the fingers and toes apparently it’s a progressive thing and some people (a small group) are more sensitive than others to the Vincristine. Husband is told to ignore it unless it gets in the way. If the sensation is minor it will probably go away, if it becomes a problem then they can tweak the meds.

Husband mentions the metallic taste and is told that chemo in general causes this – ‘you just have to get on with it’ 🙂 . It was meant far more kindly than it sounds – more a ‘don’t worry about it – it just is’.

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