Energy Levels & Thinning Hair

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4th Feb – Husband has a headache but actually feels like he has some energy so is insisting on walking the dog. His chosen route is about 2 miles, mostly downhill but I‘m uneasy and don’t want him to overdo it. Equally I know that he’s fed up of being wrapped in cotton wool and needs a bit of normality. We compromise: he agrees to call me if he needs me to pick him up en route.

He managed the walk well and it seems to have helped his headache.

His hair seems to be thinning a bit on top and at the back but it’s difficult to know if it’s his age or chemo or both. Whatever it is it’s pretty subtle and much better than he’d expected.

5th Feb – He’s had another bad night, having to get up to pee pretty much every 45 minutes. This may well be contributing to his headache but the good news is that a neck and head massage helps a lot. It’s not so long ago that his skin was so sensitive that any touch would have been too uncomfortable let alone a massage .

He went to bed this morning and for a long time this afternoon. He doesn’t think he overdid it with the walk yesterday and is blaming lack of sleep.

His temperature is up a bit this evening – 37.6 – 37.9 (it’s usually in the mid 36s) and he feels a bit chilled but not achy as he did this morning. His temperature came down a bit post shower to 37. He thinks he’s a bit dehydrated in spite of trying to drink.

Bummer. Temperature is back up to 37.9 at bed time but then the room is much warmer than usual – 23 degrees is really hot for us!

6th Feb – He feels much better, temperature is 36.4 🙂 .

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