Still in Remission!

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The numbers are good”, the Doc announces to our relief: red cells are 14.6, platelets 420. We swallow a bit nervously at the drop – of all of .2. We know that it’s not statistically significant but we’re not statisticians or haematologists so we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. Is this the start of another gradual decline?

Last year the red cell count declined fairly gradually but the platelets went down surprisingly fast. The results were sometimes tough to hear, even though we had the hope (and dread at that stage) of chemo coming up. Doc insists, “We won’t know the significance until next time or, realistically, the time after that”.

It’s funny how even good results are sobering. But for now we have a 3 month pass to ‘normal’ living. Goodness knows what that will look like for us but it sounds great.

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