The blood results are in – remission?

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Red cells 148, platelets 417. Doc notes that the platelets are quite high, which is apparently common after splenectomy, but that there is no significant risk. He looks steadily at Husband’s notes and comments, “The lymphoma is staying away”; “At this point”, adds Husband. “At this point”, repeats the Doc with his usual gravity.

Husband has a very itchy rash, which we’re hoping is eczema but looking at the dreaded internet I can see that it’s not easy to tell the difference between some eczema and a skin lymphoma. The Doc checks it, admits that rashes really aren’t his area of expertise at all so tells Husband to see his GP about it – “it’s their sort of thing”. He does tell us that it’s extremely unlikely that this cancer would go to the skin, that if the cancer were active the rash just might be related to it but the blood results say that Husband is in remission. There’s that lovely word again.

Doc is happy for Husband to “Go do normal things” and doesn’t feel he needs to see him for 3 months. It will be such a luxury to have no hospital appointments for 3 months, to just be able to get on with life for a bit.

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