1 year after chemo, still in remission?

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We walk down the long hospital corridor. Again. We have no idea what to expect – Husband can feel quite good and have disappointing blood results or he can feel very tired and have ‘good’ results he’s not expecting. We just have no way of knowing. He tells me that he feels pretty good and would be surprised if the levels have dropped.

But they have. Doc comments, “All good, I think”. The red cell count has gone down to 143, a drop of .5, platelets are steady at 417 (even I know that a drop from 420 to 417 with platelets really doesn’t say anything at all).

Husband looks the doc in the eye and asks, “Dare I ask if this drop is significant?” Doc looks at him levelly, “I have no concern regarding your blood count at the moment – .5 isn’t enough to be of any concern at all ”.

Doc tells him to make an appointment for 3 months’ time and to go about life “business as usual”.

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