Chemo exhausts us both!

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He’s feeling very tired, his brain is woolly and he’s feeling pretty sick today. He’s limited in terms of what he can eat. The second day after chemo is usually his roughest. I look around the kitchen at the ‘chemo’ … Read More

Sardines & Marmite, Bendamustine & Rituximab

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The Doc told us that “Bendamustine is usually very well tolerated and Rituximab generally doesn’t cause any bother”. Sounds hopeful. As we walk into the hospital we automatically adjust our faces to ‘cheerful’ mode and head to the Cancer Unit. … Read More

Chemo & Scratchy Socks

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Day 2 (first day after this treatment) – In one sense we’re better at managing the side effects of the chemo now but we’re wondering if they’re cumulative – some things seem to be more noticeable now than they were early … Read More

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