Splenectomy or no splenectomy?

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Over the coming days I revisit the oncology journals and the data isn’t very encouraging, EXCEPT if you’re in the group of people with limited bone marrow involvement. The data relates primarily to very much older patients so that inevitably skews statistics. Rituximab is clearly as effective (some argue more so) than splenectomy EXCEPT in those with limited bone marrow involvement. I condense my reading to present it to Husband – probably the most useful thing my research-oriented brain has ever done 🙂 .

I have to assume that the Lymphoma panel is at least as familiar with the data as I am 🙂 . They will have read far more widely and indeed some of them will have written papers. I used to be an academic. I know what it is to be knowledgeable in one’s field. That should make me feel better. They are in a position to process the data and extrapolate from it based on years of clinical experience – interdisciplinary at that. And yet… Husband is a bit concerned that the decision may be down to cost, that a splenectomy may cost less than Rituximab. But Dr Inscrutable has indicated that Rituximab will be an option when the time comes.

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