Trying to plan – again

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I am madly trying to plan again. Who can I delegate to? How long have I got? I must sort paperwork out to make things as easy as possible. Who will look after our beloved dog if he’s orphaned?

Maybe it was wrong to tell Mother but I didn’t want to hide it from her. She, like us, needs to have time to process the likelihood.

This blog was going to be my husband’s cancer story. Now it is perhaps mine too. No doubt we’re not the first to find ourselves in this odd situation: ‘We have cancer’?

Back to the internet – bowel prep 🙂 . Doesn’t sound much fun but I pick up some cool tips. Husband dutifully goes to get supplies – unhealthy food with no fibre, wet wipes and…egads… incontinence pads. People’s experiences seem to vary considerably but we have quite a long drive to the hospital so I want to take precautions.

I’m getting really nervous – the bowel prep stuff, Moviprep, hasn’t arrived in the post as promised. Rather than risk not getting it in time Husband sets off to the hospital to pick up another pack. Hospital must be the very last place he wants to go. I am feeling really drained and very grateful not to have to go myself. (Out of interest the bowel prep never did arrive!)

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