MRI results are here but I can’t give them to you

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Mr Surgeon’s secretary is no longer in a position to give me a definite appointment date. The MRI results are in but I can’t get them because Mr Surgeon is off sick and there isn’t a doctor available to give them to me. This is insane.

I’m not doing well with the waiting thing and I haven’t been doing it very long! In desperation I call the local surgery and ask if my GP could log in to the hospital system to check the results. I explain that I know they won’t know much yet but that I would really like to know whatever results they have. I know the GP hasn’t got time to see me but could he let me know by phone or print out the results for me to pick up? Sorry to be a pain but please?

Receptionist calls back to say that the GP will see me early the following morning. There’s a slot and I can have it. Wow.

GP is wonderful. He’s not sure if he can log on to the hospital system (sometimes it’s rather slow) but he’s prepared to have a go. He does. ‘The MRI shows shadows. I’m sorry. I wish I could say more than that but they’ll need Histology to confirm.’ Perversely I feel much better because although I still don’t know exactly what’s going on (no-one does at this point), I have another piece of the puzzle. I’m not being denied access to my own medical results because no-one with a suitable medical title is available to tell me. I thank my GP for being so helpful – I really am so grateful – and head out to the car with more bounce in my step than I’d expected.

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