Chasing news on bowel surgery

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Still no news on the bowel surgery option. I ring the consultant’s secretary. I give my name. The tone changes and becomes a little worried. ‘Ah yes. You were supposed to be seen. You were rescheduled’, she murmurs and tapers off. I reassure her that I have spoken to my GP who, God bless her, was prepared to log in to the hospital system to get the histology results so while the hospital hasn’t told me that I don’t have cancer, she has. I still can’t understand the cruelty of a system that keeps patients in limbo for weeks refusing to tell them results.

The secretary is surprisingly happy to tell me that my case has been discussed at the MDT and referred on to a specialist. Apparently the Prof will either advise the local surgeons on the best course of action or will want to see me. So yet more waiting. But it’s not cancer (even if it probably would be if it were left for too long) so I am in the blessed position of being able to wait. It feels like it’s been such a long time but it’s only been 3 months since I first went to see my GP about tiny bits of blood. At the time I’d also lost weight and had very loose bowels but it must have simply been stress because things are normal now. Well, apart from the weird polyp that still lurks in my bowel.

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