Mole removal

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My appointment for the mole removal came a little sooner than expected. The doctor and nurse are wonderful and very funny. I am informed that the procedure (a rather grand term for something so minor) will leave a scar. I kinda assumed that. Apparently some patients don’t want their moles removed if it will leave a scar???? ‘You’re going to remove a mole which may be harmless but may not. If it is something horrible you’re getting rid of it before it can do me serious harm. My only comment is thank you!!’ Small scar or leave possibly cancerous cells to grow and eventually kill me if they’re so inclined. Not a tough call.

It strikes me again that it’s odd talking to someone who’s looking at your butt through a magnifying glass 🙂 . The doc knows there are 2 weird moles – I tell him the other doc wasn’t concerned about top of butt mole, it was the one on the back he thought it best to remove. He peers at my moles and concurs with his colleague about the smaller but multi-coloured mole with its very dark dots – ‘probably just a dodgy looking mole but harmless. If it is something it will be melanoma and we’ll have you back here to take some more tissue.’ Fine.

It takes 3 or 4 injections to numb my back (cue jokes about being thick skinned). I suggest they just hit me with a block of wood but apparently there’s no space on the consent form for that 🙂 . The injections hurt a bit but only momentarily and while I can feel the cutting out of tissue and sewing up it doesn’t hurt at all.

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