Pre-op checks

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Blood test. Hospitals like those. Yet another person telling me, ‘So you’re diabetic’. ‘No I’m not but my blood sugar does get low at times’. The pre-op nurse takes the blood sugar issue surprisingly seriously. They recently had a patient with low blood sugar and they couldn’t get her to come round after anaesthetic. They were really concerned and she ended up in a high dependency bed. No-one thought to check blood sugar levels because it’s not usually necessary.

Off I go to be checked by a young doctor. All I want is clear advice on how to prepare for the op, what I can and cannot eat etc. He’s rather vague: ‘I would have thought you could eat normally’. What he wants to do is wax lyrical about the clever equipment they’ll be using for the procedure ‘transanal microscopic surgery’. I’m sure the equipment is great and I can see the prof is very capable but this young lad seems rather more concerned with the ‘toys’ than how I might feel. He has no advice about how to prepare for the op or how it might affect me afterwards. I tell him brightly that I don’t need to know about how they do the op because I won’t be doing it :-). All I need to know is that it’s necessary and it’s the best course of action. I trust them to do their bit and I’ll do my best to follow instructions so that I don’t make their job harder than it needs to be. I just need some clear instructions…

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