Hospital Check In

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No solid food all day but at least I didn’t have to panic during the car journey 🙂

2 sachets of Picolax greeted me on the hospital ward. Surprisingly I feel fine after a day without food – I’ve just felt hungry a few times but I’ve had Lucozade and glucose tablets and lots of water and my blood sugar is 5.7 so clearly it’s worked.

I’m not sure about the Picolax though. I’ve looked at various health websites and they say you know it’s worked if you just produce yellowish / clear liquid. I’m afraid it hasn’t worked well enough – the liquid seems a bit dark. I tried so hard!

A doctor arrives. He says I can eat! Indeed he tells me it’s better to eat because it helps transit. So why did the nurses say not to? To prevent a hideous accident in the car? Who’s right and how is the patient to know? Why did they insist on me taking laxatives before the car journey when they knew they’d be giving me more at the hospital anyway? I dare not ask these questions out loud. He’s the one with the medical degree so I’m hoping he’s right and that I don’t mess up by eating.

Doc says they’ll give me an enema in the morning anyway. Fantastic… My bed is quite a way from the loo. I shall take up residence in the loo asap to avoid queuing when I really can’t afford to 🙂 .

Dos suggests I eat wholemeal toast with honey this evening to help my blood sugar. That sounds terrific but where am I to get food, let alone this specific food? There is no food but fortunately I’ve brought some mini boxes of cereal so I eat two immediately. Doc is amused. Clearly he hasn’t gone without food for a day recently. Or maybe he’s one of those people who can easily go all day without eating.

Too much sugar 🙂 Cereal high. Still, I’m nil by mouth after midnight so I’d better make the most of this.

Turns out Picolax works better when you’re sharing public loos :-). It also works well when you really want to sleep. I make repeated trips to the loo, roughly every 45 minutes to an hour throughout the night. At least it’s working 🙂 . It’s not like I have anything else to do.

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