Leaving Hospital Already

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I feel so much better today! There’s no pain and while I’m feeling a bit sensitive I really am fine – thanks to barrier cream. Hospitals really should recommend moist toilet tissue and Sudocrem for bowel prep 🙂 . 

I wasn’t expecting my bowel to do anything on 2 tiny boxes of cereal but it did a bit. No pain, no bleeding. Yeahy. All in all feeling pretty good :-).

The only problem is I can’t pee properly – I really want to go but can’t. It’s really uncomfortable and feels like my bladder is going to burst. I suspect that that’s unlikely :-). The nurse checked for infection but there isn’t any, which is great. Each time I try it seems to get a bit better so fingers crossed. If all else fails they’re cheerfully suggesting a catheter… It would be nice to avoid that but frankly I’m getting worried and am past caring what they need to do to help.

The advice is to keep drinking water so here goes.

A couple of hours later and I’m peeing much better 🙂 I don’t get much warning between ‘maybe I need to go to the loo’ and ‘I need to go’ but I’m so happy it’s all okay!

I’m waiting for a doctor to discharge me. He does so without looking at me. I chase him up the middle of the ward to ask if there are any discharge instructions, what I can and can’t do etc. He clearly isn’t used to being asked questions but is good enough to answer mine so all’s well. I can eat and drink normally but Lactulose would be a good idea for the next couple of days or so in case the anaesthetic or pain killers make the stools uncomfortably solid. Good to know! I leave the hospital with a bottle of Lactulose. I do not want to get home and find that I need some on Sunday, miles away from a Pharmacy (which wouldn’t be open on Sunday anyway).

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