Feeling good

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Feeling surprisingly okay. Very wobbly yesterday but lots of work to sort. Managed to take dog for short walks but lay down for an hour. I seem to suddenly get very tired in the afternoons.

I can’t believe that the op was Friday, I was home Saturday and able to be useful Sunday and Monday. I really need to pace myself though.

It is not funny, clever or heroic to overdo things.

It’s just hitting me that I’ll be monitored for bowel polyps and possible developing cancer for life. That’s a bit depressing but mostly really good news because I am fortunate that they’ve found this problem now.

Husband doesn’t have this luxury, although he too will be monitored for life – for an actual cancer, not a ‘maybe one day’ cancer.

For now he’s enjoying work and it’s good to see him getting his life back again but it’s bittersweet because we don’t know how long his remission will last. At least my health seems to be on track for now so we can focus on his – and on living.

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