Sleepless Nights

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I haven’t slept through the night since my operation (sounds a grand word for something which felt so minor). 

No wonder I feel a bit cranky. I woke at 3 am and gave up trying to sleep an hour later so got up. Tea and dog on sofa in perfect quiet :-).

I’m wondering what God wants me to learn, to see. Are sleepless nights God’s way of getting my attention in part? It’s also a bad pattern I slip into when stressed. Things are stressful at work.

Husband is okay but has a cough / cold / sore throat that keeps him up a bit at night. These things become more significant after a splenectomy – you have to start paying attention to things you wouldn’t have noticed before.

However, these are normal problems so I should be grateful. Earlier this year I’d have been so grateful to face this with Husband feeling okay. He was weakened post splenectomy but seems to be doing well at the moment. We just have to manage work issues as best we can and prepare for better days. Perhaps these crappy days will help me to understand other people better. Everyone has work problems and they don’t disappear just because you have cancer.

I tell the dog I feel rather lost and tired at the moment. He wags his tail and lies on my lap on the sofa. I turn to the Psalms, as I so often do when I’m feeling a bit lost. Trust in the Lord and do good’. Psalm 37:3-4. Sounds like a plan 🙂 .

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