Contemplating a transfusion

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He’s going to ask for a transfusion next week. I broached the subject cautiously and he laughed and said he’s just been thinking about the same thing. I hope it helps. It should do. He isn’t the man I was swimming with in the sea 4 months ago. He hates being inactive (although his idea of inactive is still more active than many!)

We plan to go to the cinema in a couple of weeks. It would do us good to get out.

He’s had a few good days and has been busying himself in the kitchen – something to be encouraged 🙂 . We’ve walked the dog together and after that horrible day when he felt so awful we’ve got back to some kind of routine. He reckons when he had the bad day it was due to a reaction to the vaccination booster (he’s had a course of vaccinations to prepare him for the splenectomy). Since it only lasted a day or so that may well be it.

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