Pre-splenectomy blood tests

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A week later and we’re in for a pre-op assessment of the blood count – 8.6 – haemoglobin ‘ok, would be nicer if it as a bit higher’ comments the Doc. Platelets are down to 61. The Doc is sorting out a ‘blood shopping list’, explaining that platelets have a short shelf life so need to be transfused as close as possible to the operation. Apparently there’s a gain of about 15-20 per bag of platelets so Husband will need 2 bags of haemoglobin in the morning and 2 bags of platelets in the afternoon the day before the op.

The Doc warns us that the bowel doesn’t like open surgery or being handled so it takes a few days after an operation for the bowel to start to cope again. He informs us that laparoscopic surgery will be ‘sore’ afterwards, open surgery will be ‘double sore’ because the body will have taken ‘a bit of a hammering’ but it might be better than we expect. Apparently ‘the fluids will be all over the place’ after the op but the blood levels should improve gradually.

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