Day 1 with no spleen

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Puppy (actually middle aged) behaved miraculously well at the Travelodge 🙂 . Thank you, dog! He was a bit confused at first but was keen to play with his ball – roll it under the bed to watch the human retrieve it 🙂 .

Husband looks a bit less fragile today but he’s still in a lot of pain. Fortunately he’s getting on well with the happy pills they’re dispensing.

More blood test results: haemoglobin is 91, platelets already down to 51. But he’s stable. Last night he was sweating so much with pain that the tape holding his cannula in came off, the cannula came out and he was bleeding all over the floor. Rinse and repeat. 5 times. 5 hospital gowns, cannula sortings and a lot of extra tape. He should have taken his Gorilla tape in 🙂 . It sounded miserable for him and must have been hard work for the nurses too.

His neighbour on the ward clearly had psychological problems. He was unstable and aggressive during visiting hours but became much worse overnight, trying to pull out his cannula and approaching Husband’s. Husband isn’t used to being vulnerable. The nurses were excellent – authoritative but in a quiet calming way, doing their best to avoid doing anything which could cause the situation to explode.

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