A week of no appointments

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No hospital appointments. All week. What luxury. Shame we had to waste it on paperwork but it needs doing (if we live long enough to continue our business 🙂 ).

Husband is looking far more like himself and can walk the dog without getting breathless. I try not to panic every time he looks tired (he’s not sleeping well at all and he’s been busy) but all in all things seem to be going in the right direction.

My innards don’t feel right. Every time I think things are improving they don’t. I haven’t seen any clear signs of blood in the last few days so I hope that’s a good sign.

And yet… ‘Lord something is wrong, isn’t it?’ Not sure why but I put a hand to my stomach as if as if to comfort a child … but the child is me.

I get a hospital letter. The sigmoidoscopy is in 4 days time…

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