We’re not ready for cancer

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I think subconsciously I’m thinking that the cancer will really hit years after we’ve finished the business and sorted out the house – when we’re ready. Of course we’ll never be ready. We need to try though because if it hits soon it’s going to be even tougher than it needs to be. Even without the cancer our lives are so complicated at the moment that we really don’t need something else to tackle.

I have a sneaky suspicion that it will just follow its own timetable – it is coming – ready or not.

On a more positive note I found a good book on indolent Non Hodgkins Lymphoma on Kindle – Andy Burrows’ Cancer and Me (he has follicular lymphoma). It reminded me that the cancer is coming back but that it’s very reasonable to hope that it will go away again… and then come back, go away etc.. It will ebb and flow.

The future isn’t what we would choose but there is hope – and we are in God’s hands.


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