Haematologist Calling

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The Doc rang us at home – we couldn’t quite believe he would take he time to do it himself. He’s discussed the case with the team and they have given 2 options: six RCV treatments at 3 week intervals or 6 R – Bendamustine treatments at 4 week intervals. Bendamustine is the harder option – RCV is kinder and still effective and leaves Bendamustine ‘for next time’.

Having to deal with ‘next time’ is not great but it is so reassuring that while the cancer will return it can be treated again – with the same treatment if he gets a good response this time, another one if not. The docs are hoping for ‘years’ of remission.

They’re still not pushing for treatment at the moment but we’re conscious that with the recent trend in blood numbers it probably won’t be long.

We can decide whether we go on holiday now and start treatment in the New Year or whether Husband would like to start treatment as soon as possible in order to get as healthy as possible to enjoy next spring and summer.

I brew strong coffee. This is my response to anything important – brew up, sit down and try to come up with a plan. Except this is not my cancer. So I tell Husband it’s his choice, to do what he thinks is best for him and to try not to think about the business – that must come second.

His strong feeling is to go for treatment as soon as possible. A holiday would be nice but you can’t be on holiday from cancer, particularly when chemo is just around the corner. A holiday works well for some people but Husband wants to make a start on treatment – as if cancer is another thing on the To Do list. The doc recommended the kinder chemo option but very much left the decision to Husband. We all have to leave the decisions to him.

Husband decides. Treatment as soon as possible, RCV please, holiday can wait.

He calls the doc after lunch. Doc seems surprised to have a decision so soon and is good enough to say he thinks Husband has chosen the right option in his case.

Husband suggests starting treatment before Christmas if that helps their ‘bookings’: ‘If we can leapfrog Christmas in our appointments that would probably be good for you guys?’. Doc is again surprised since so many patients prioritise Christmas but agrees that it would be helpful. We remember the bedlam last year around Christmas, with patients queuing in the corridor because the hospital was closed over the holiday and there were so many people needing to be seen. We are to await a phone call to have Husband booked in for treatment but it won’t be long.

The call comes – treatment will start in 11 days. Wow. Husband is to collect some steroids to start 2 days before treatment to help him to tolerate the drugs.

Before I hit the internet to find out what on earth is going to be happening we take our lovely bear of a dog for a walk. We find that while caffeine is essential to big decisions, so is fresh air and exercise 🙂 .

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