Steroids or no steroids? That’s the question

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T minus 4 – pre-chemo blood count check. It’s time to check the blood levels again before chemo next week. Red cells are up a bit from 103 to 109 (in 10 days), platelets down fractionally from 330 to 323 but even I know not to worry about that. White cells are down from 7.1 to 4.7 (but still within the normal range of 4-11).

Doc explains that steroids put white cells up and chemo brings them down. He asks if Husband wants steroids before the next chemo: “up to you. If we’ve got a way to get you through this without problems then good. No problems is good but we won’t know if it’s due to the extra 2 days of steroids or not. You could try not having the steroids but if you then have problems it’s a bit late. It’s the law of Sod really. Since you tolerate them well then for the sake of just 2 extra days it’s probably worth it”. Steroids it is then. Off we trundle to the hospital pharmacy for the latest goodie bag.

I like the idea of the law of Sod :-).

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