White Cells & the Day of Reckoning

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3rd – Husband’s sleeping better and feeling pretty good. He needed a bit of a snooze this afternoon but is definitely doing pretty well. He’s got through this chemo better than the previous ones. Some days he hasn’t even needed to go to bed for a snooze but generally he suddenly gets tired around 2 or 3pm and needs to crash for about an hour, after which he feels pretty good.

We had a 2 hour wait to see the Doc today due to a Haematology meeting… Red cells are at 124, platelets 435 and white cells 4.3 so a bit low. Doc says he wants Husband to have an injection to boost the white cell count over the weekend and then come in the day before chemo to check that the bloods are okay. Doc doesn’t seem too worried but it’s a bit disappointing and it’s yet another trip into the hospital. We now have to hope that the injection will work.

6th – The day of reckoning. Has the injection worked? What was the injection?? White cells are 8.4. We asked doc (different doc) what the injection was – GCSF: ‘It pokes the neutrophils into more activity’. Apparently it works promptly and also wears off promptly ‘But I don’t think we have to worry about that’.

Husband asks about Prenisolone, explaining that he usually has some 2 days and day before but the other doc doesn’t seem to think it’s necessary. Today’s Doc seemed unconcerned, explained that the only way to know that steroids aren’t necessary is to go without them, ‘which isn’t the best idea’ so he’s happy to prescribe some today.

Husband raised the issue of feeling queasy and was told that that’s likely to be the same for every treatment so ‘keep the anti sickness tablets to hand but there’s no point taking them if you don’t need them.’

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