Transfusion time

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Weekly blood test day. Haemoglobin is down to 7.2. Two weeks ago it was 8.2. Bummer… It really is time for a transfusion. It’s bitterly disappointing since he wasn’t feeling too bad so we’d hoped the numbers would have gone up rather than down but here we are at 7.2 – too low. He could have 1 unit today and 1 tomorrow but there isn’t time to do 2 units today. Tomorrow it is then.

I am really struggling not to cry. I know ‘they’re only numbers’ but the disease isn’t being as lazy as I’d like – not quite living up to its ‘indolent’ title at the moment. Really upset. Had to do supermarket shopping whilst struggling not to cry. Husband doesn’t do random crying but he’s a bit gutted. I can see it in his eyes.

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