Transfusion better than espresso

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Next day husband declares that a transfusion is like 10 bars of chocolate washed down with a mug of espresso:-) . He is determined to enjoy the good weather and his additional energy by having a good walk. We negotiated… and he won on route but I won on insisting he take the direction which is mostly downhill rather than primarily uphill 🙂 . The plan is for me to drop him and dog then drive and walk out to meet them. The boys look very happy with their freedom 🙂 .

Senior cancer nurse did tell husband that his heart will have to work harder now that he has less haemoglobin available and he has taken what she’s said on board.

We didn’t know much about blood before this thing started. We now know that a unit of blood brings the blood count up approx 1 point (or 10 depending on what scale you use – same thing). The haemoglobin lasts up to a maximum of 120 days. It’s best not to panic about numbers. Doctors care more about trends and also focus on how the patient is coping. But some numbers can’t be ignored. Like 7.2. There is no room for negotiation there.

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