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It was great while it lasted. We hadn’t been home long before Husband’s slight cough started to get much worse. We checked his temperature – 38.3. We’d been advised that if a splenectomy patient has a temperature of over 38 they should get medical help. We rang the ward that had discharged him earlier (where several staff and patients have the cough) and were advised that he should take paracetamol and if his temperature is still high in the morning to go to A and E.

Husband’s temperature was under 38 for most of the night but then got up to 38.5. We call A and E and they tell us to get there soon because it will get busy later.

It’s quite difficult dropping someone really poorly off at A and E. Everyone has to be signed in. So I parked outside in the 5 mins max zone, sprinted in, explained recent splenectomy, fever, please get someone to assess husband. Name? Address? Date of Birth? Phone number? I managed not to whine at the questions because I know there’s no point but really – phone number? There’s no one there anyway.

I helped Husband into the unit and then left to park the car. Thank goodness it wasn’t busy yet. Back in to wait. 2 nurses took his temperature – under 38 – but they wanted to do a chest x ray. More waiting.

Then one of the haematologists popped his head round the door: ‘I was passing and saw your name on the board’. He’d been on call but still had the humanity to take time out to talk to us. The nurse who was taking a history seemed as delighted to see him as we were 🙂 . With ‘See me tomorrow at early o’clock’ as his parting shot he disappeared to try to salvage what was left of his day.

Another blood test – red cells at 102 🙂 and platelets at 140. Yeahy. Husband still looks and feels terrible though.

After 4 hours we get the all clear to go home, with the instruction to return if he starts persistent vomiting (apparently vomiting once is just fine 🙂 ) .

The house is hotter than it’s ever been but Husband is layered up with a fleece blanket. Weird. He’s shaking. He can’t face eating anything and can only drink fruit tea. He never drinks fruit tea!

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