How to cough post-op

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Early o’clock we head off to see Dr Dry Humour. Blood test shows that the infection marker count was high yesterday, probably due to the recent operation. ‘The bowel goes on strike when anything happens in the abdomen – it takes time to settle’, he explains. The bowel may have had to be moved during the op, which would upset it and the abdominal muscles will have been cut through so apparently it’s not surprising that coughing is really uncomfortable.

Top tip from the internet: if you have to cough hold your abdomen first (some people suggest holding a cushion to the abdomen).

Dr Humour checked the x ray and explained that Husband also has some trapped fluid and air in his chest from the operation. His advice is to do nothing – the body will reabsorb it. Do nothing is about all we have energy for at the moment.

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