Post-op wound check

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Husband had another splenectomy wound check today with the GP practice nurse. The little wounds have all healed nicely, the larger one they made to get the spleen out is taking a little longer but is definitely getting there.

He still looks a bit grey but the wounds from the splenectomy are healing nicely – no more dressings and he can shower – a routine luxury en route to normal. He can drive now too so really has some semblance of normality.

We know he mustn’t overdo things but it’s hard to know what he can and cannot do. He’s looking a bit grey but feels okay. How much activity is okay?

I’m worried by his colour and he still hasn’t shaken the cough (neither have I). We hope to have a clearer picture after our next appointment with the haematologist – we’re living from blood test to blood test in the hope that the numbers will improve.

What if they don’t? How long does it take for the red cell count to improve? The doctors seem pretty relaxed about the numbers but then they were relaxed about the size of the spleen until they actually saw the thing and realised that it was twice the size they believed it to be – scans can’t tell you everything…

I so desperately want to know if things are moving in a good direction or not. I keep trying to plan the unplannable, to prepare for things you can’t prepare for.

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