More blood tests

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Time for another blood test. The red cell count is stable (107 today, 108 last time). Clearly that’s good but we’re impatient to see the numbers climb a bit. Dr Inscrutable says it’s impossible to say how long these things will take but that if the numbers don’t go up in 2-3 months ‘We’ll have to look at it’. I don’t quite dare to ask what he means by that. I don’t want to be the panicking wife (even though I am 🙂 ). Does he mean chemo? Is there some way of stimulating the system to get off its behind and make some more red cells? Platelets are doing great at 281 – way to go platelets – glad part of the team is working is well.

Dr Inscrutable says he’ll see husband in 3 weeks and then he may well revert to seeing him in the haematology department for ongoing monitoring rather than the Cancer Unit. Promotion of sorts but it feels strange – we’ve grown accustomed to the CU and their excellent staff are very reassuring. It’s wonderful to be off the urgent list but scary too. How alone are we going to be? What do we look out for? When will the cancer kick off again? How will we know? I suspect Dr Inscrutable has the answers to at least some of these questions but the answers may be broader than we’d like.

Still, Husband is told ‘You can go back to normal living’ (they clearly don’t know what his idea of normal is 🙂 ). ‘See you in 3 weeks’.

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