Chemo Questions

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Husband is getting the hang of treatment so we talk common chemo issues with the specialist nurse as she administers the chemo

constipation – nurse tells us that Ondansetron causes constipation. It’s also an awesome anti-sickness drug so go Ondansetron 🙂 We learn that it’s okay to take Metoclopramide (a pretty low level anti sickness tablet) alongside the stronger Ondansetron on the last day of Ondasetron – so there’s a bit of overlap: ‘get some on board’ was the nurse’s cheerful advice:-).

She explains that generally you see an accumulation of symptoms as chemo progresses, which might explain why Husband felt more queasy after chemos 3 and 4 than the earlier ones (although he had other symptoms during the first 2 chemos and they may well have overshadowed everything else).

hair loss – she jokes, ‘You must have some damn tough hair follicles’ and explains that when hair loss occurs it’s usually in the 2nd cycle.

Moon face’ – not an issue with relatively infrequent and low doses of steroids but frankly if a doctor prescribes steroids, ‘Take them – they’re magic’!

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