Overwhelmed is not a good place to start the day

We are both so tired – managing cancer and ME is not great. There is no let up with work, no temporary pass each time we have to confront the cancer with another hospital appointment. I’m tired of pretending that … Read More

Chemo & Scratchy Socks

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Day 2 (first day after this treatment) – In one sense we’re better at managing the side effects of the chemo now but we’re wondering if they’re cumulative – some things seem to be more noticeable now than they were early … Read More

How Long Does Chemo Stay in the Body?

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So here we are primed for the 4th RCVP treatment. Husband is getting used to this but there’s always room for a little something to upset things. Last time it was an uncomfortable cannula (which he refused to complain about … Read More

Blood tests and Chemo Side Effects

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Off to have another blood test. Haemoglobin 115, platelets 363, white cells 6.2. Even Dr Pessimist declares ‘all looking petty good’. Husband mentions feeling bloated / bit constipated in week one. Doc is unsurprised and explains that it’s normal during … Read More

Weeks 2 & 3 after chemo

We didn’t know what to expect with Husband’s first chemo but so far, apart from the really uncomfortable red eye thing, it’s going better than we’d expected. His scalp is very sensitive. He’s not sure if it’s the early stages … Read More

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