He’s had his last chemo (this time, hopefully)

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We know this horrible cancer thing will come back but we really do have to approach this one step at a time. The first step was to get through this cycle of treatment. Husband is really pleased that he’s been able to have the six RCVP treatments on time as per schedule. He’d been a bit worried that he’d develop a bad cold or something and that they would have to delay treatment. We know that the treatment schedules have been developed for optimum patient benefit so consider ourselves fortunate that treatment has gone to plan.

Day 2 and 3 – He felt pretty queasy right after chemo and he’s still feeling it but eating a bit of cheese seems to help. He says that he feels fine, just very tired. He managed a 15 minute walk with me and the dog this morning and this afternoon but went to bed for a couple of hours after each walk. He’s clearly very tired but looking a bit more like himself this evening. He says he’s feeling ‘very non’, really not himself.

Day 4 – he’s still feeling a bit queasy but much more like himself, which is really good for day 4.

Day 7 – he’s feeling quite good but then suddenly quite washed out and rather sick. He’s had a headache since yesterday, perhaps because he’d come to the end of the steroids?

Day 9 – he’s managing some gardening and short walks and generally feeling much more like himself but we’re both feeling very sleepy! We’re becoming like OAPs… He’s been feeling the Vincristine tingling in his toes for the last few days. It seems to be worse if he’s either hot or cold but apparently it comes and goes and really isn’t too bad.

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