Week 1 after Chemo no.5

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Day 2 – He took Lactulose the night after chemo and this morning and it’s definitely helping. He feels pretty good today and didn’t even need a snooze. The metallic taste comes and goes and is pretty horrid but it’s not as bad as it was in earlier cycles. His voice has gone croaky again – we’re wondering if that’s related to the chemo since it seems to happen early after each session but perhaps it’s unrelated.

He feels a bit queasy as if he’s been at sea but that too is better than in previous cycles. He took Ondansetron this morning and started the Metoclopromide this evening. He’s getting better at being prepared to take tablets to help but he certainly avoids taking anything he doesn’t need to!

Day 6 – Lovely sunny day so Husband announced he was going to take the dog for a ‘proper’ walk… 3 miles or so. I thought it was a bit soon but he agreed to take his phone, call me when he was half way and generally be sensible.

When he rang from half way he acknowledged he was quite slow but said he was okay and would take a rest if he needed one. I’m sure he’s doing a bit too much but I know he’s determined to do things occasionally. He will be as sensible as it’s possible to be when you’re doing something not entirely sensible… He really needs to get outdoors and do something active – it’s who he is. And he needs to feel that he’s still him.

I fight my inclination to wrap him in cotton wool and drive to meet him. It’s clearly been hard work and while I’m sure that didn’t surprise him it must have disappointed him a little. However, he did it without feeling at all like he’d overdone it and then he had a siesta at home.

Week 2 and he’s definitely feeling Vincristine finger with the ends of some of his fingers ‘tingling as if they’re been burned by the oven with a nettle sting on top’. ‘It’s just tiresome’, he assures me. He needs a snooze morning and afternoon but broadly he feels okay.

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