Weeks 2 & 3 after chemo

We didn’t know what to expect with Husband’s first chemo but so far, apart from the really uncomfortable red eye thing, it’s going better than we’d expected.

His scalp is very sensitive. He’s not sure if it’s the early stages of hair loss or if his blood count is dropping – when it was low last year he had this skin sensitivity and it disappeared after the transfusion.

On the plus side his aches and pains have improved, as have his red itchy eyes and runny nose. He gets very tired at times so goes to bed for a good sleep but he’s able to drive the dog to the wood for walks. He admits to being ‘a bit puffed’ if he does any short but steep little climbs but he doesn’t feel ill and manages the walks themselves without difficulty. It’s so hard for him to know what he should be doing. I know that with ME I can walk for quite a while on the flat but if I have to go uphill I really pay for it. I suggest that he adopts my approach and walk gently along flat paths. He actually seems to be listening…

Bizarrely I’m drained – I just can’t sleep. I don’t think it’s worrying about the cancer – just my mind whirring. Thank goodness for audio books – I got some for Husband but it’s me they’re getting through the small hours all too often.

Sometimes I’m getting up early to spend time reading the Bible over a cup of Earl Grey; my computer auto corrected that to Early Grey – perhaps I should leave that 🙂 .

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