Week one after chemo

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Day 2

We both slept better last night than we have recently. Husband feels a bit light headed at times and his body feels heavy at times but broadly he feels good – better than I do! No tingling in hands or feet yet and no constipation – he feels a bit heavy as if constipation is coming but all is good for now. His urine’s a bit cloudy (washing out toxins?) but no constipation, sickness or tingling yet.

Day 4

His mouth is starting to feel furry – not very nice at all. But he hasn’t had the metallic taste yet so he can still enjoy his food normally. The sight of him coping so well with chemo (at this point at least) makes me fear this thing a bit less – it gives me some hope for him to continue to live his life, with cancer as an interruption at this point rather than the main event.

His temperature is just below 37 so not desperate but he feels rotten poor thing.

Day 5

Temperature 37 (36.6. and 36.5 earlier). His throat seems to have been really irritated by my hoovering? His mouth is less furry – he removed a patch of dead cells from his cheek – ‘horrible’ – and now feels better. He’s having to get up every hour to pee at night though.

6pm He seems to have a cold. How??? We’ve tried so hard! He hasn’t been anywhere. I only went to the dentist and was really careful to use alcohol gel.

He can still enjoy his food and the steroids haven’t made him ravenous – or emotional :-).

Day 6

Husband’s joints ache a lot, especially his hips and knees. He wonders if it’s because he’s been rather inactive by his standards. He’s walking the dog with me a couple of times a day but needs to snooze a bit too. On the plus side his mouth isn’t feeling furry any more and he can still taste his food normally and the heavy feeling he had in his gut, particularly after his evening meal, has largely gone. His eyes are very uncomfortable, though.

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