Chemo & Scratchy Socks

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Day 2 (first day after this treatment) – In one sense we’re better at managing the side effects of the chemo now but we’re wondering if they’re cumulative – some things seem to be more noticeable now than they were early on. That’s particularly true of the tingling in his fingers and toes.

He has that awful metallic taste so nothing tastes right but he can still enjoy some kinds of food. He slept okay last night and the Lactulose he took at bedtime has helped get things moving without being dramatic :-). His skin feels fine, with no sensitivity so that’s great. His hair may be thinning a bit (not sure) but it’s in good condition.

Good news: milk and cream help a lot to neutralise the metallic taste for him. He’s really enjoying Horlicks 🙂 .

There’s definitely some chemo brain going on 🙂 but nothing problematic. He’s noticed that it seems to hit him most around day 2 to 6 or 7 ish after treatment. He greeted me with a rueful smile this morning: ‘I just tried to put the ground coffee straight into the mug. I can see what they mean about chemo brain’. Sounds like he’s menopausal to me 🙂 . What a household!

Day 4 – He says it tastes as if he’s sucking on an old penny. Bizarrely his eyes smart a bit and feel oddly metallic. There’s some tingling in his fingers but nothing much and that went after the last treatment so he’s hopeful it won’t be too much of a problem. It does seem to come and go a bit. He’s feeling a bit croaky but it looks like this might be his first treatment where he hasn’t picked up a cold of some sort just from walking in and out of the hospital. Within 48 hours of the first 3 sessions he picked up a cold each time and only just got rid of it before his next chemo. We were so desperate to keep him well enough to have each treatment on schedule but however careful you are (and we really were), you can’t avoid some germs in winter. It seems that just walking through the hospital was enough.

Day 5 – He’s still conscious of the metallic taste and chemo brain but he feels less sick and more like himself. He even managed to eat a little chocolate pot for pudding. We joke about chemo brain but he really does find it difficult to focus, to concentrate on something for more than a few minutes.

Day 6 – He’s not feeling really sick today but the ‘Vincristine fingers’ made his marmelade making a bit of a challenge. He successfully made a huge batch so the kitchen smells wonderful. He has now retired to bed for a well earned snooze. He looks much more like himself today.

A nasty headache arrived in the evening quite suddenly but a head and neck massage helped. He also found some white areas inside his cheek – dead cells? They came off with a toothbrush but it’s not very nice.

Day 7 – He slept better and ‘only’ had to get up 3 times to pee… Sleeping until 2.30am is now a luxury. His fingers tingle at times (not all of them) and he says his toes feel odd, as if he’s wearing very scratchy socks. Apparently he felt that during the last cycle too but actually thought it was his socks …

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