So Much Waiting

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We’re waiting to see the consultant haematologist. There is so much waiting to do but part of me is dreading going in to see him so I’m happy to wait!

Husband says he feels more normal and the nurse had no difficulty taking blood so we hope that’s a good sign.

There’s just no way to know. So they test. And we wait. Last week the red cells were at 114, this week they’re 122. Yeahy!

The bloods are all good”, comments Dr Dry Humour. He explains that cancer can cause too much protein in the blood “like egg whites or thick engine oil” so it may not flow as well as it should. This can cause nosebleeds. Husband knows about engine oil and concurs that that was how it felt to him. Doc explains that the protein levels should drop as treatment goes on but that it will take time.

We’re prescribing you an additional antibiotic.” Bummer. Apparently Bendamustine lowers a type of white cell which can lead to a very dangerous pneumonia. “How dangerous?” asks Husband. “You die” responds Dr Dry Humour, in a tone which brooks no disagreement. Apparently this pneumonia carries a very real risk of fatality so they prescribe a specific antibiotic, Septrin, to protect people. Another medication to take, albeit just 2 days a week. I’m so grateful that they know about the risk and can do something to protect people.

So off we walk with yet another goody bag of medications. I still recall vividly how it felt when Husband was first diagnosed and was so weak on occasion that he need to take the lift so frankly it feels pretty good to see him striding around.

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