Can you drink wine when taking Septrin?

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The nosebleeds are lighter and fewer, which is encouraging. The bloods are also stable, although the red cells are down a bit on last week (from 122 back down to 115), which is a bit disappointing. Platelets are up to 303 and his white cells are 5.6 so that seems good. Dr Inscrutable is happy not to see him until a day or two before his next chemo, to check that he has enough white cells not to need chemical help before chemo. We feel reprieved, days ahead of us without hospital appointments.

Husband had a glass of sparkling wine with supper to celebrate. Another little bit of normal to enjoy together. We did wonder whether or not he should drink while on Septrin so we rang the hospital medicines advice line. They weren’t sure but promised to get back to us. I wondered if they might forget since they are incredibly busy but a lovely woman rang just before leaving work. She saw it as important for patients to be able to enjoy their normal life as far as possible. How very human.

Apparently alcohol doesn’t affect the way that Septrin works but the combination can cause headaches. The collective suggestion was that Husband should avoid alcohol on days when he’s having additional medication ie the 2 days of chemo, days when he’s on steroids and / or Septrin but that he should be fine enjoying a glass of wine on days when he’s just taking his normal low level antibiotic. Husband was pretty keen not to make life more difficult for his body as it dealt with various poisons but their suggestion seemed to strike a very helpful balance. “Try it and see and let us know how you get on.” So he did. He had a nasty headache yesterday and this morning but no headache the morning after the sparkling wine.

Sidenote: he forgot and had a glass of red wine on a Septrin day the following month but didn’t get a headache or any other ill effects but he kept clear of wine subsequently because he feels his body has enough to cope with.

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